Large Plates - Standard

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Large Fragment Implants & Instruments ( 4.5mm Plating System)

Large Fragment Implants and Instruments are used to fix fractures of various long bones, such as Humerus, Femur and Tibia. These are also used in fixation of Peri-prosthetic fractures, Osteopenic bone and fixation of Non-unions or Malunions in adult patients. Large Fragment System comprises Safety Locking and Standard implants and instruments. The Plates are classified according to their functions. 

Standard Implants: Standard Implants comprise Standard Plates and Screws. Plates are classified according to their functions. These Plates accommodate 4.5mm, 6.5mm and 7.3mm Cortical and Cancellous Screws. We also offer Implants & Instrument Sets, Broken screw removal sets and Screw sets for Large Fragments.