DHS/ DCS/ Hip Prosthesis

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DHS/ DCS / Hip Prosthesis & Instruments

DHS/DCS and Angled blade Plates are used to fix the fractures of distal and proximal Femur. NRV, under this system offers DHS/DCS plates, screws and instrument sets for these plates.

Hip Fixation Plates: Hip Fixation Plates are primarily used to treat Distal and Proximal regions of the Femur. Under DHS/DCS Plates we offer Dynamic Hip Compression Plates, Dynamic Hip Compression Plates Short Barrel, and Dynamic Hip Compression Plate Double Angled - 120°, Dynamic Hip Compression Plates Variable Angle, Safety Lock DHS Plates - Barrel 38mm /Short Barrel and Paediatric DHS Plates.

Hip Prosthesis is a device, which is used to replace the damaged or fractured part of the femoral head. Hip prosthesis is anatomically designed to match the shape of the femoral head. 

Hip Prosthesis: NRV under Hip Prosthesis System offers Austin Moore, Bipolar, Thompson & Instrument sets for Hip Prosthesis and Hip Replacement Systems.